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We offer modern and flexible solutions for transport to Ukraine, and from there to the European Union. As a long-term successful partner for German and international companies, we have compiled a diversified fleet, with which we are able to master every challenge.

Would you like to transport a large machine part? Our heavy load experts will find the right route for you. Do you have urgent goods to ship? Then use our express service. We are happy to present you our entire range of services in the overview.
Make your non-binding, transport enquiry now, free of charge. We deliver to all 27 regions in Ukraine. Imports or exports – we offer you the right logistics for Ukraine.
Whether small quantities or large volumes: we will take your import-export goods reliably to their destination.
Our range of services for Ukraine
- Express shipping
With express delivery, your goods arrive in Ukraine by sprinter or small van, ensuring a particularly short transit time. Our drivers can deliver to any destination, whether in Kiev or a remote region. If required, you can take advantage of the DDP method for express shipping. This means, we transport the goods, take care of customs clearance, including payment of duties on your behalf, and deliver the freight to the final recipient.
Ukraine express shipping
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- Private relocations
We take care of professional company relocation and private removals from the EU to Ukraine and vice versa. To do this, we pick up your furnishings from your previous address, load them into a suitable vehicle from our fleet (box trailer, semitrailer, etc.) and transport the freight to the desired destination, for example in Kiev. We can also perform other tasks for you within the scope of your private or company relocation, such as assembling the furniture in the new property.
Ukraine company relocations private relocations
Explore our wide range of logistics services from the EU to and from Eastern Europe.
- Partial loads and groupage
We have a well-developed groupage cargo network for transporting partial loads (LTL) to Ukraine. With this option, we offer the transport of lightweight freight to Kiev or any other region in the country. For partial loads (LTL) we offer you additional services such as EXW, DAT and DAP. We also offer groupage DDP deliveries, taking on the complete customs processing on your behalf.
Ukraine partial loads groupage
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- Trade fair shipments
We carry out trade fair and exhibition transports to Ukraine with vehicles from our own fleet, allowing us to select the perfect van for every need. For trade fair transports, we also offer you assistance in filling out accompanying customs documents and ATA Carnet. Our service USP is that we take care of the separate customs clearance for the temporary import of goods for exhibitions. We advise you on this in advance of the transport. If required, we can support you in setting up your trade fair equipment in Kiev or any other location.
Ukraine trade fair shipments
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- Carriage of dangerous goods
We offer you logistics in accordance with ADR, for dangerous goods classes 1 to 6. We have suitable vehicles in our fleet for every class of dangerous good. The transit to Ukraine is planned by us in detail and carried out by an ADR-trained driver. Naturally, we have the appropriate permits and certificates. Unfortunately, we cannot take on DDP customs clearance for a transport with dangerous goods to Kiev or any other city.
Ukraine carriage of dangerous goods ADR
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- Heavy and oversized shipments
We regularly carry out heavy and oversized transports to Ukraine for the Kiev region and other industrial locations. We also transport agricultural technology, tractors or combines to their destination with our low-loaders, mega-trailers and platform trailers. If required, we can accompany the heavy or oversized load to the final recipient and collect official approval. Unfortunately, we cannot handle the DDP customs clearance for you with this option.
Ukraine heavy shipments oversized shipments
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- High-value shipments
Our high-value shipment service is ideal for transporting high-quality goods to Kiev or other cities in Ukraine. With this option, we transport the freight to its destination in secure box trailers. You also receive goods transport insurance of up to 10 million euros per vehicle unit, protecting your high-value goods. Unfortunately, we are unable to take on the DDP customs clearance for you with this option.
Ukraine high-value shipments
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- Enclosed car transports
We specialise in enclosed car transports to Ukraine, for example to Kiev. We transport vehicles such as high-quality sports cars, prototypes and classic cars in single transport from the EU to Eastern Europe and vice versa. Enclosed car transports protect your valuable cargo from damage, dirt and unwanted attention. Unfortunately, we cannot handle customs clearance for these individual shipments.
Ukraine enclosed car transports
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- Project cargo delivery
We offer comprehensive logistics planning as part of our special service, delivering project cargo to Ukraine. This involves, for example, obtaining permits in Kiev and planning a suitable route. We have ideally suited jumbo trailers and platform trailers in our own fleet and we coordinate the choice depending on the situation and freight type. We also create accompanying documentation for the customs and the project cargo delivery, for smooth arrival at the end destination.
Ukraine project cargo delivery
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- Full truck loads (FTL)
A full load means a truck is completely filled with your goods. This gives you a high degree of flexibility regarding the route and departure time. The DDP procedure is available for deliveries to Ukraine. If you book this option, we take care of all customs clearance on your behalf. We then transport the full truckload to the final recipient. We deliver to all addresses, whether in Kiev or a remote region.
Ukraine full truck loads FTL
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- Refrigerated shipments
Refrigerated transport and frozen-goods transport are essential for sensitive cargo such as food and chemical products. We have our own refrigerated trailers for this requirement. Our Schmitz vehicles are particularly reliable and offer constant temperatures within your chosen range from -18°C to +10°C. To ensure maximum reliability, we replace our specialist temperature-controlled trailers every three to four years. Whether Kiev or a rural region –
we deliver to every destination.
Ukraine refrigerated shipments
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- Air freight
We offer you the option of air freight for goods that need to reach Ukraine urgently. We can transport them from the airport, for example in Kiev, to their destination. We also offer DDP, for convenient air freight transport. Delivery Duty Paid means that we take care of all of the customs clearance for you, and we also pay customs duties on your behalf. We then deliver the goods to the recipient.
Ukraine air freight
Explore our wide range of logistics services from the EU to and from Eastern Europe.

Customs clearance on your behalf

If requested, we carry out complete customs clearance for you. We support you with professional exports and imports to and from Ukraine and the EU.
Our import customs clearance service includes completing necessary documents and registering goods with the customs office. In Ukraine we also pay the applicable taxes if required. We act on your behalf or the recipient's behalf.
We handle export clearance on behalf of the sender or on your behalf, in both Ukraine and Germany. We register the goods with the customs office and prepare the necessary documents. This supports you in effortlessly executing proper exports.
Delivery including customs clearance
We offer delivery as a complete service with customs clearance. When transporting from the EU to Ukraine (or vice versa), we collect your goods from you, at any address. We draw-up the necessary documentation in preparation for the customs processing, and transport the delivery to Ukraine. There, we carry out customs clearance on your behalf and, if required, also pay the due duties. Then, we deliver the goods directly to the final recipient.
Customs clearance on your behalf
If requested, we carry out complete customs clearance for you. We support you with professional exports and imports to and from Ukraine and the EU.

Simple customs clearance in Ukraine

Delivered Duty Paid - easier than expected
Ukraine collection of goods
Collection of goods
We will collect your goods Europe-wide. Create all customs documents for the export and refund of VAT. Deliver your goods as quickly as possible to Ukraine.
Ukraine customs clearance
Customs clearance
Our staff will take over the registration of your goods in Ukraine and the payment of all customs duties (customs, taxes, fees) for your order at the customs office of receipt.

Ukraine delivery to recipients
Delivery to recipients
We will deliver your goods to the final recipient immediately after customs clearance. We are also happy to take over the distribution of your goods in Ukraine and other countries.

Transport options to Ukraine

Take advantage of attractive offers for complete logistics for Ukraine.
We personally support and take care of each project in the field of "transports to Ukraine". This service starts with the selection of an efficient route, includes scheduling and extends to the complete coordination of logistics from Great Britain to Ukraine, or from Ukraine to the EU. Which form of transport is the best depends on your specifications and wishes, for example, with regard to the transport volume, the lead time and the product group.

Complete deliveries are transported by our forwarding agency as complete cargo to Ukraine. Here, we transport your goods exclusively in a truck (full truck load), and delays which can be caused by a possible transhipment will not arise. Multimodal transports are also possible by ship, rail or air freight. For smaller volume orders, we offer low-cost groupage shipment, where goods of one weight are transported in one pallet. Special challenges exist if you want to transport chemicals or general dangerous goods to the Ukraine. With our specially trained staff and properly equipped vans, we are also happy to arrange these deliveries. You can rely on knowledgeable drivers as well as professional planning. This is an advantage which is not only noticeable in the case of expensive heavy load vehicles, for which we obtain all the necessary permits.

Other "Transport to Ukraine" services include B2B relocations, exhibition deliveries, oversized cargo transports and high value goods transports. We look forward to preparing a personal quotation for you.
Logistics for Eastern Europe
We offer a variety of transport options to Ukraine, Serbia, Moldova and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Some regions of Belarus are also part of Eastern Europe. We have established a consistent network of groupage traffic to the region, and also offer full truckload transport. We're happy to handle customs clearance on your behalf, using our customs warehouses in Belgrade, Kiev and Minsk. The transport time by truck to Eastern Europe is 2–4 days, for example, two days to Serbia and three days to Kiev.
Ukraine transport Eastern Europe
Logistics for Central Asia
We transport your cargo to Central Asia within 8–14 days, with various transport options. In addition to our well-developed groupage transport offer, we specialise in heavy goods transport and temperature-controlled transport. We are also happy to support you with customs clearance, making use of our customs warehouses in Tashkent Almaty and Nur Sultan. The exact transit time depends on the destination, for example 8 days to Northern Kazakhstan, 10 days to Uzbekistan and 12–14 days to Tajikistan.
Ukraine transport Central Asia
Logistics for the Caucasus
We provide various transport options from the EU to the Caucasus and vice versa, including partial loads, temperature-controlled transport, enclosed car transport to Georgia or Azerbaijan, sample transports for universities and many more. Our customs warehouse in Tbilisi facilitates customs clearance, which we can complete for you if required. It takes about 8–10 days to reach the destination by truck.
Ukraine transport Caucasus
Logistics for Northeast Asia
Our forwarding company specialises in a range of transport options to Northeast Asia. For example, you can make use of our well-established groupage transport option to Mongolia, where we can also take care of customs clearance on your behalf, if required. We also support you with special orders. For example, we offer heavy goods and temperature-controlled transports even to hard-to-access sites, such as mines in Mongolia and construction sites in Iran. We also transport your cargo to Afghanistan. The transit time is 14–18 days.
Ukraine transport Northeast Asia
Logistics for the European Union
We offer a wide range of transport options within Europe. Depending on the freight type and volume, we offer well-established groupage transport options, express delivery or full truckload transport, for example. We always use our own vehicle fleet, including standard trailers, mega-trailers, jumbos, box vehicles and sprinters. We collect your goods from you in Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands or any other EU country, and Switzerland. We can also collect directly from the airport and handle customs clearance. We maintain our own customs warehouses in Berlin and Vilnius.
Ukraine transport European Union
Logistics for Russia
We provide various transport options to and from Russia. We have an established groupage transport option especially for small freight volumes. We are also experienced in heavy transports, trade fair transports and enclosed truck transports. We also offer administrative services for customs clearance on your behalf, with Russian customs warehouses located in Moscow, Kaluga and St. Petersburg. We drive to all addresses, including construction sites.
Ukraine transport Russia
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